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trouble sleeping

Trouble Sleeping. It can be very hard to fall and stay asleep sometimes. I’m 100% positive that it’s not just me that has trouble sleeping because of Eczema.

low esteem

Low Self-Esteem. It can be hard dealing with eczema and one of its symptoms is low self-esteem. I find it hard going out in public whenever I get a large case of low self-esteem.

dry skin

Dry Skin. Probably one of the most annoying symptoms of Eczema. With it comes constant itching. Constant. Never stopping and never-ending itching.

shampoo soap lotion

Not necessarily a symptom but more of a cause of number three. An Excessive amount of Moisturizer Bottles. Those with Eczema sometimes have one per room just so they always have a supply of it everywhere.

They get everywhere and you always get anxiety so people don’t see them. You’re either constantly brushing off your shoulder or cleaning your bed. They get everywhere and stick on everything.



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