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My condition is not one of the choices and I’m not surprised because it’s not very common and most people have not heard of it before including doctors.

My condition is called ichthyosis. Which means I severe dry skin. All over my body but you see it the most on my hands and feet.

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It gives me a dry scaly look on my body and I have to take up to 5-hour baths to soak and then scrub it off. Cold weather does harm to the skin. As well the sun itself.

I can not stay in the sun too long or do anything that would require me to swear because I do not sweat. My dry skin covers up my pores and my face just turns red as a tomato.

If I am out in the sun too long, I may overheat causing me to faint and it takes twice as long to cool down. I have medicine to help take the skin off, but when I cannot afford it, it gets very dry and tight on my actual skin that it hurts to do even a little bit of movement!

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There is no cure for me. It is genetic.. but I’m still hopeful that one day, someone will find a cure so I can have normal skin and do normal activities like everyone else.

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